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As the technological world rapidly evolves, your company must adapt as well. Therefore, this increases the risks you are exposed to on a daily basis. Whether or not these threats are foreseeable, you need protection you can trust. At TDA Insurance & Financial, we can provide you with the safeguard and guidance you deserve in the technology industry with our technology professional insurance.

As your growing business provides more services, your risks will begin to increase. This is why we offer customizable insurance products that will help to lower your losses. Our variety of options for coverage packages include:

  • Technology E&O – Addresses the exposure of financial harm to a third party that occurs because of a “glitch” or negligence in a tech company’s products or services. In addition, this coverage will pay for any resulting judgments against you, including court costs, up to the coverage limits on your policy.
  • Cyber Liability – Covers you against any suits due to network intrusion and/or another computer event that compromises your client’s data. This will cover 1st party expense for notification and credit monitoring as well as third party claims for damages.
  • Property Insurance – You can protect your intellectual property as well as physical property, such as laptops, software, and other technology equipment. If there is a power surge that damages your property or a copyright infringement on your original ideas, you can be sure this will be the proper safeguard.

Our expertise in the technology industry allows us to understand exactly what kinds of risks your business is exposed to. We focus on working with our customers to build a relationship with them so they can have protection they can trust for a lifetime. If you have been searching for the perfect policy, look no further than with us and our technology professional insurance!

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