TDA Charities

TDA Insurance & Financial has created a new way for your organization to raise money!

Enter your Information into the form and a donation will be made to your charity, on your behalf for each Household that receives a Valid* Insurance Proposal

Fax or email your policy coverage pages* to or fax to 248-869-2234 to expedite the process.


TDA wants to donate to YOUR organization for every valid insurance quote requested!


It is simple and easy. For every valid* household or business insurance quote that is requested, we will donate $10 back to your organization. Just fill out your name and contact information, and we will contact you to gather the information necessary to provide you with a quote.

You save money = Win! Your Organization gets money = Win! We earn new customers = Win!

  • Raise funds with minimal effort & time
  • Provide your membership with valuable benefits & savings
  • Promote your organization and upcoming events
  • Receive assistance with social media techniques and increase your outreach

*To be considered a valid quote request, complete detail information such as current declaration pages, driver dates of birth, license numbers, vehicle numbers, etc for personal lines and complete business information for business lines. TDA will determine if enough information is provided to complete an accurate quote.

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