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Selling insurance as an independent agent

Selling insurance at an independent agency offers numerous advantages, with one of the most significant benefits being the freedom to represent multiple companies. This flexibility allows you to provide clients with a broader range of insurance options, ensuring they receive the best coverage tailored to their needs. By not being tied to a single provider, you can prioritize clients' interests and offer personalized solutions, leading to greater satisfaction and long-lasting relationships. Embrace the opportunity to positively impact people's lives while enjoying the benefits of working with an independent agency.

Job Openings

Job Description Summaries  

Whether working in the Personal Lines department, Commercial Lines department, or Benefits department, the same responsibilities apply. 


Customer Service Associate/CSR (Personal Lines, Commercial Lines, or Benefits): 

The Front-Line Customer Service Associate position is primarily focused on processing insurance transactions. This includes policy endorsements, billing, and payments as well as reporting and claim follow-up. A high-level of customer service is required, which involves providing basic coverage information, answering questions regarding policies, identifying gaps in coverage and additional products we can assist our clients with.


Account Manager (Personal Lines, Commercial Lines, or Benefits): 

This position is often the next step up from the CSR position, or for someone with prior CSR or Account Management experience. Once proficient with CSR responsibilities and able to provide insurance quotes from start to finish, have more in-depth conversations with clients regarding coverage, and can counsel clients about coverage and needs, a CSR is ready to take on more responsibility. An Account Manager will be responsible for the care of and retention of a book of business. Additionally, an Account Manager will keep management system data up to date, identify and/or analyze unusual increases in premiums, negotiate rate changes with underwriters, remarket accounts as necessary, and assist with new business quoting and account rounding, as necessary.  


Sales/Insurance Advisor (Personal Lines, Commercial Lines, Benefits, or Life and Financial Services): 

This position is given to someone with prior sales experience as well as some insurance experience, or to an Account Manager who shows proficiency in sales. The sales staff work primarily on prospecting and bringing new clients into the agency. This involves fact finding and getting to know the prospective client and understanding their needs. An Insurance Advisor must match those needs with the proper coverage, and research the available insurance markets we must develop and present a professional proposal to the prospective client. This is typically a heavily incentive compensation position with an ability to control your income by your success.

Job Requirements

At TDA Insurance & Financial Agency, we're committed to building a team of dedicated and passionate professionals. To ensure we maintain our high standards, we've outlined the following job requirements for prospective candidates:


Customer Service Associate:  

Specific education and/or knowledge required or desired:  

  • Strong Customer Service Skills.  
  • Comparable work experience or some insurance experience is preferred.  
  • Insurance licenses are preferred or willing to acquire within a given time frame.  
  • Some Experience with Applied TAM and/or EPIC management systems preferred.  


Account Manager: 

Specific education and/or knowledge required or desired:     

  • Specific industry knowledge and experience is required, preferably Independent Agency experience.  
  • Appropriate insurance license required 
  • Experience with Applied TAM and/or EPIC management systems is preferred.        


Insurance Advisor/Sales Executive:  

 Specific education and/or knowledge required or desired:  

  • Strong Sales Skills.  
  • Comparable work experience required.   
  • Some Insurance Experience is preferred.  
  • Insurance licenses are preferred or willing to acquire within a given time frame.  
  • Some Experience with Applied TAM and/or EPIC management systems preferred.  


Successful Candidate

A successful candidate at TDA Insurance & Financial Agency embodies a positive attitude, strong work ethic, and commitment to teamwork. These qualities, combined with the necessary skills and experience, will contribute to our mission of providing exceptional service and support to our clients.

  • Positive attitude  
  • Takes initiative  
  • Desire to grow personally and professionally  
  • Takes pride in a job well done  
  • High level of honesty and integrity  
  • Self-motivated  
  • Persistent and possesses strong determination  
  • Strong work ethic  
  • Efficient and effective  
  • Team player committed to the Vision  
  • Possesses a desire to be of help and service to others  
  • A will to achieve and a desire to succeed – goal and results driven  
  • Is focused on priorities and uses time well  
  • Embraces and handles change well - flexible 


Working at TDA Insurance & Financial Agency Ageny

TDA takes pride in being a family-owned business. Our motto here at TDA is that if we treat our employees like family, then they will treat our clients like family. As a result, we have a friendly, positive, and productive team that is happy to help our clients save money and build long-lasting relationships. In comparison to working at a large company, family-owned businesses like TDA have a much more relaxed and personable work environment. We often have holiday parties or go out for happy hours after work to create a resolute team, and to build closer relationships amongst the staff. Unlike large companies, TDA’s CEO and President work in the office and build personable relationships with all their staff members. TDA truly has their staff’s best interests in mind. The entire team is willing to do their best work each day, because they want to see their company thrive. Thanks to our wonderful staff, TDA continues to thrive and grow each day. To account for our growth, we are always looking for new team members to join our TDA family.

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