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  1. Why Am I Paying So Much For Auto Insurance?

    by afinn

    Check out this infographic on why we all pay so much for auto insurance.  Still think you are paying too much?  Give TDA Insurance and Financial a call, and let us review your current policy, to see if we can save you money and make sure your coverage is in order!   It’s a Great Day […]

  2. Are You Ready For The Tick Invasion?! Some Helpful Information!

    by afinn

    Category: Our Blog


    Our mild winter this past year has increased the tick population!  See the below article on how to protect your family and pets, and when to call a Doctor!  TDA Insurance and Financial wishes you a warm, safe and happy summer! http://www.thesilverlining.com/westbendcares/blog/are-you-ready-for-the-tick-invasion-heres-what-you-need-to-know

  3. Is Workplace Safety On The Top Of Your Mind?

    Don’t be caught off guard by an accident at the workplace. See the Workplace Safety Checklist below, which includes vitally important safety guidance in key areas, including: General guidance on lighting, aisles, stair treads, work surfaces, and workstations Slip and trip prevention Fall safety Electrical safety Fire prevention and safety Evacuation safety Hazard communication Give […]

  4. Do You Really Need Renters Insurance? YES!

    Here is a great article on 10 Things You Didn’t Know Renters Insurance Covers. For about $13 a month, we can get you started with a Renters policy that will give you coverage for Fire, Wind, Theft, if you are sued for an injury or property damage you may cause, and other needed coverage. Also, […]

  5. Congrats To Dan Devlin, Winner Of Our Annual Referral Program!!

    by afinn

    Congrats and thank you to Dan Devlin, our 2016 Referral Rock Star! Dan will receive a $200 Gift Certificate for his referrals- You too can win, for every client referral you send TDA, we will send you a $5 Starbucks card – if you refer 6 or more people in one year, you will be […]

  6. Is Cyber Liability Insurance A Must Have? YES!

    by afinn

    One of the best explanations of why all businesses need Cyber Liability Coverage we have seen yet. Check out the several, very scary claim examples of what can happen to you and your business due to computer glitches, hacking, cyber theft, etc. The danger is real! Call TDA Insurance and Financial today to get a […]

  7. A New Baby! Congrats To Our Very Own Anthony Finn!

    by afinn

    Category: Our Blog

    A new member of the TDA Insurance and Financial Team was welcomed to the world last week! Congrats to our very own Anthony Finn and his wife Libby, and big sister Evie on the arrival of Adrienne – isn’t she just the sweetest? Mom and baby are well and we couldn’t be more excited for all of […]

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